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Join my FREE Group for helpful Advice and Affordable Online Personal Training Programs Specifically Designed to Help You Get Back In Shape and Get Stronger with a Focus on Knee Strength and Mobility!

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🎯 What You can expect from this Group:

β€’ Motivation
β€’ Positive Reinforcement
β€’ Helpful Advice
β€’ A Community of Like-Minded People hell bent on Strengthening their Knees, Getting Stronger and having Better Mobility.

I help people Get Back In Shape with a Focus on Knee Strength & Mobility.

I have been a Private Personal Fitness Trainer since 2006 and have helped Hundreds of my clients Lose Weight, Get Stronger, Quicker, Run Better, Move Better, Strengthen Injuries, Live with Less Pain and Get Their Lives Back So that they can do the things they Love.

I damaged my knee as well. I have had multiple knee surgeries. I understand the Pain. Physically and Mentally.

So now I offer my Personal Training and Strength/Conditioning experience Online to help you Get Back In Shape, Get Stronger and Move on with your Life so that you can do the things that you love with Less Pain and Fear of Reinjury.

πŸš€ My Online Knee Strength and Mobility Training Programs are Super Affordable!

πŸ‘‰ Training Programs are Individually Created just for YOU and your Specific Needs and Goals!

β€’ This includes having Me as your Personal Trainer in Your Back Pocket
β€’ Nutritional Advice and Learning Healthy Eating Habits
β€’ A Workout Plan Just For You
β€’ Lose Weight. Get Stronger. Mover Better
β€’ Motivation AND Accountability to keep you on Track
β€’ No Quick Fixes. No Pills. No Fad Diets.
β€’ Less Pain

P.S. This Group is ONLY for serious individuals that want to Get Healthier, Stronger and Have Better MobilityπŸ˜‰

πŸ˜€ Tyson Dale

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